Today was a Great Big Day

Tonight’s blog will be brief.  Today he arrived.  Our little big man.  Our first foster babe.  He is perfect in all the ways that matter.  He is loved by God, created in His image, destined to use his life to do good  things.  I cannot and will not share the reasons for his arrival into our home, what I can say is he is already well loved.  He came to us with a note from his mama.  She expressed her gratitude to us and her prayers for our family as her family works on the things they need to work on.  This was such an unexpected gift to me.  He also came with notes for us to read to him.  Notes that would split your heart in two.  It is so very easy to judge but sometimes people do their best, and it’s not nearly good enough, and they need some help.  Please pray for us, for her and for our little big man.