About the Raisers and the Crazies

I am a busy mother of four beautiful, amazing and absolutely crazy little humans.  Abigail graced us with her presence in 2010 and forever changed our lives for the better and was joined shortly (in just less than two years) by her twin brothers Benjamin and Christopher teaching us that God has a very interested sense of humor.  Well played God, well-played.  After that, we thought surely we were done when God called us to foster care and after wrestling with that for years, we welcomed an adorable 8 week old baby into our home in early 2017 who is now our son, Daniel Benton, through adoption.

Abigail is smart, sweet and a little sassy.  The sass comes from me.  Benjamin is a busy handful.  I often joke they he will make me old while I’m still young and then keep me young when I’m old.  Christopher is a sweet, sensitive soul.  He is quick to cuddle and also quick to cry.  Benton is a hurricane wrapped in a giggle.

Thankfully God blessed me with this amazing man to raise these crazies with.   Andrew has morphed from a hot and sweet boyfriend, into a caring husband and now into this amazing super dad who tucks in, reads stories with difference voices and takes our cute curly-haired girl to figure skating, our baseball boy to practice and does martial arts with another.  He is also a toddler whisperer when it comes to nap time.  Pretty much he’s a dreamboat.

In my “free time”, (insert audible laughter here), I enjoy running, writing about my family, speaking about motherhood, foster care and child advocacy.  I love meeting new people, finding out what they are passionate about and listening to them talk about it over chocolate cake, if we are being specific.  I believe that there is good in everyone and often we don’t remind each other of the good we see often enough.

6 thoughts on “About the Raisers and the Crazies

  1. Oh you all are adorable!! I am a mom to four children (no twins) In my free time (insert audible laughter too) I like to write. I am working on a novel and hope to be published one day. For now, the crazies at my house have me in their tight grip. I enjoyed your page!! Us mothers need to stick together!!


  2. Sara, your family is beautiful! I’m so happy I found your blog! Your positive voice and energy are so lovely and refreshing to read. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to learning from you and your adventures in motherhood and sharing this community of moms and writers with you. 🙂

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  3. I love your website! And your sweet little Girl Abigail! I’m sure your boys are as awesome as her, hoping to have them in class one day too! I can’t wait to read more crazy stories! Thanks for telling the real truth about raising a family!


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