Puke, Flat Tires and our New Friend Mindy

It was one of those days. I work partime in the Nursery at a daycare center.   One of the sweet babies threw up so hardcore on me that there was no saving my pants or shirt.  I was graciously allowed to leave early and I walked out to a nearly flat tire.  Off to Pep Boys we go…all of us…me and my three crazies.  In true car repair fashion they bring our car in almost immediately, up it goes and there it stays for over an hour and a half.  Stop for a moment and envision me, puke covered with three busy preschoolers trapped in a Pep Boys.  Good.  Now stop laughing.  This could have been disastrous right?  It could have but it wasn’t.

Shortly after we arrived in comes this well put together woman.  Her name was Mindy.  She was probably in her 40’s, she was pretty and had a quick smile.  She needed a new battery for her car.  She sat right down with me and my crazies and introduced herself, asked them their names, ages and cartoon favorites.  She helped me pick them up so they could look through the window at our floating car.  We talked about what we did for a living, our recent home selling and buying experiences, our families.  She was so warm and easy to know.  She didn’t have any kids herself but she embraced my children like they were her own.  By the time her car was done, my kids were strategically stealing each others seats to sit by her.  My son climbed up into her lap to watch Curious George….my busy son…. who never sits still.  Instead of having a terrible, stressful, long 90 minute wait for our car we became friends with Mindy.  She showered us with her kindness for 90 minutes.  When she left she shook each of my children’s hands and told them to be good and listen to their mommy then she turned to me, wrapped me in a big hug and said goodbye.  All I could get out was a quick thank you for her friendship.

We live in this strange world where we are always connected through our technology but so disconnected in so many other important ways.  Not only was Mindy present in the moment but she was kind and generous with her time and sweet to my children.  She wasn’t annoyed with my crew but rather amused and engaged.  I will think about her for the rest of my life.

And people say angels don’t exist.  Find an opportunity to be a Mindy this week.

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