Tire Swings, Tractors and Tonka Trucks

Yesterday I drove the kids out to my parent’s farm.  It’s about an hour drive that we make about once a week.  There is something so special about seeing your little ones trod the same ground you did as you grew up.  I have so many memories of playing hide and seek, swinging on a tire swing, riding horses, working on 4-H projects, feeding chickens and bringing lemonade out to the guys who were baling hay.

It’s so hard to fully appreciate this upbringing when you are living it.  You take for granted the silent nights with no traffic, the beautiful view, the fresh air.  Then when you go back and see it with the fresh eyes of your kids you suddenly become more aware of the beauty that God surrounded you with as a child.  You forget how long it took to mow the yard, how it always took “forever” to get to your friends house and how much you wished you had sidewalks to ride your bike on.  Those things become far lesser important as you see your suburban kids enjoying all that farm life has to offer.

We spent the whole afternoon outside.  We squealed on the tire swing. We moved dirt in our Tonka trucks.  We checked out the tractor.  We had dinner on the deck overlooking the valley.  We sprayed each other with the garden hose, then let their little clothes dry outside in the sunshine.  It was perfect.  That farm will always have my heart.

It makes me curious what my little crazies will look back on fondly as adults.  What memories of silly little things will they carry into adulthood and reminisce about later?  I have a feeling that it will not be the Pinterest projects I attempt with them, the crazy over the top birthday parties or how clean I kept our house but it will be those summer nights that we took over the cul-del-sac and all the neighborhood kids rode their bikes, the special date nights we took them on to the grocery store, the way their daddy always read them a goodnight story before bed or the wake up song I sing to them every morning.

Today I will stress less and make simple memories with my kids.

Crazies enjoying the Howell Farm.
Crazies enjoying the Howell Farm.

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