Not the Good Kind of Slip and Slide

The scene of the crime.

Let me set the scene.  We bought a new house less than a month ago that came complete with a playset in the backyard.  My crazies think this is the coolest thing ever.  They would spend the entire day outside if this spring rain would just stop. 

Today, after naps, I socked, shoed and jacketed the crew and ushered them outside to enjoy a slightly overcast Ohio spring afternoon on the playset. 

As soon as we walk outside the dog walks over to the slide, lifts a leg and proceeds to pee all over the slide.  The slide, representing at least 80% of what makes the playset amazing.  I yell out to the kids to stay off the slide, run in and grab the dog’s water bucket, clorox and paper towels.  As I’m running back out the door, Benjamin is sitting on the top of the slide as his sister, bless her heart, is yelling, “No, Bubba it’s doggy pee!” 

It was like watching it in slow motion.  I yelled, “Benjamin don’t you slide down that slide.  Sit still.”  He looks right at me, smiles and slides. 

One of many moments when I have been totally grossed out by my kids.  Seriously.  Yeah, you showed me.  Who has got dog pee on their pants?  Not smiling now are ya!

Not one of my finest parenting moments followed but I did get to utter something I never thought I would.

“Now see what happens when you don’t listen to Mommy?  You get dog pee on your butt.”

Can’t make this stuff up folks.

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