Do you have any virtues Sara?

“Patience is a virtue Sara.  Do you have any virtues?”, asked my father to a 3 or 4 year old version of myself.  “Nope!”, I replied.  29 years later….

We had been hoping and praying for an opportunity to move back home to Ohio.  Although we had been blessed with an amazing group of friends and an unbelievable church family I just couldn’t help but feel that we were robbing our children of precious time with their grandparents.  We were reminded of this at special events like dance recitals and school programs and even more poignantly when major medication issues would arise. 

We had been away for nearly 6 years and I was losing patience and had decided that I just didn’t think it would happen.  My personal timeline was not working out the way that I had planned. 

Then it happened.  My hubby got the opportunity for a job transfer.  He nailed the interview, got an offer and we frantically began preparing the house to sell.  It went on the market less than 2 weeks after we signed the job offer and sold after our first showing.

As I had been impatient and frustrated, God had been preparing a way.  All those times I thought He wasn’t hearing my prayers, He heard them.  The problem wasn’t God listening to me it was me not listening to His call for me to “Wait.”

Our very first showing was to a family that had just moved to our city for a new job.  They were living with family across the street from our house waiting on a house to go on the market in our neighborhood.  They had moved here from Ohio.  Seriously?!  They literally walked across the street and knocked on my door for a tour before the house was officially listed. 

As I begin to pack up our things, I was putting away a platter from my china cabinet.  Engraved on the platter are the words, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  I don’t know about you but I never pray for daily bread I pray for monthly or yearly or lifetimely bread.  “Dear God, please fix all of it now.  Grant my request by Friday.  Actually yesterday, would have been better.” 

Daily bread.  Patience.  God’s timing.  The bigger picture.  Making a way.  Sounds like a good place to begin walking through the season of Lent. 

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