5 Things I won’t take for granted this Christmas

I think it’s easy to lose perspective this time of year.  In lieu of that I’m choosing this. 

1.  My kids are healthy.  I feel like I forget how amazing this is until one of my crazies is sick or we hear about a little friend who is in the hospital.  I will make a decision to be thankful for their health and prayerful for families who aren’t as fortunate.

2. We made Santa happen.  We are so blessed to be financially able to make the magic of Christmas happen for our crazies.  Granted, they aren’t asking for ipads and smartphones yet (thank God), but it is still a big relief to be able to get them those special items they talked to the big man in red about.  I will spend time this Christmas working with other families to help make Christmas happen for their families too.

3.  We get to see our family on Christmas.  We are so grateful to our military,  policemen, firemen and many others who will not be able to make it home or will be working to protect us here or overseas.

4.  To have beautiful crazies to watch experience this Christmas magic with.  As we experience the magic of Christmas with our littles my thoughts and prayers go to those who are still waiting on their babies or have lost babies.  May this season still provide moments of joy for them. 

5.  That we have a God who loves us so completely that He sent His Son to live among us, teach us, get His hands dirty working with us and ultimately creating a bridge to bring us back to Him.

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