My Prayer for My Children Tonight

On this night, in reflection of current events.

Loving God,

Thank you for these sweet, little people you have placed in my care.  Thank you for the beautiful people you have placed in our lives to help us raise them.

Help us Lord to bring them up to give grace more often than judgement, offer love over contempt, seek understanding over being right.  May they be surrounded by those different from them, and give us many opportunities to love these different people in front of them so we can show them how it’s done. 

Let them respect others.  May they stand up for those needing someone to stand for them.  Help us teach them to be bridge builders.  Let them be peacemakers.  Guide us as we teach them about justice and injustice.  Break their hearts for what breaks Yours.  May their hearts be so full of You that they can do nothing more than spill that unconditional love on those they encounter.

Let us raise children that will bring a little piece of heaven to this world.


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